Additional Work

Cleft Lip

Free surgeries were performed at the Regional Hospital of Ica - Peru, by American surgeons

Our Alliance

Club Amazonas USA made a strategic alliance with Healing The Children Northeast USA to support numerous needy children with cleft lip and palate from the Amazonas region to get corrective surgery and enjoy a better quality of life.

Educational Campaign

The educational campaign is an important component of our medical mission and involves a wide range of activities for the children of our patients, the community, the local hospital healthcare workers, and the healthcare students of the local Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza University.


  • Hospital Virgen de Fatima
  • The children of our patients receive specialized day care and entertainment during the three mission days.
  • The hospital healthcare workers learn new skills and improve their knowledge through the close contact with our highly qualified healthcare volunteers.
  • Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza
  • Our highly qualified healthcare volunteers provide education and training support to the students of the different schools of healthcare sciences in this university through our program named “Dr. Jorge Reina Noriega” after one of the most prestigious physicians of Amazonas. This is carried out in close collaboration with the university faculty members.

  • Christmas Campaign

    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year; however it can be a financially and emotionally challenging time for poor families. CAUSA provides assistance to make sure that several needy children of the Amazonas region have a great holiday season.